Jason Mesnick is NOT a nice Jewish boy.



For those of you who watched tonight’s Bachelor, I’m sure you were as pissed off as I was. Although I had read a blog a few days ago about how this whole thing was going to go down, I was unprepared for how inconsiderate Jason was to Melissa’s feelings. Did he really have to dump her on national TV and then minutes later get with Molly? I mean really?!? And how could a Jewish mother like his let him do such a thing? His mother even told him on the final episode that he gets Melissa and him as a couple. Did you hear her talk as highly about Molly? I think not. He should have stuck with his gut and trusted his mother. I wouldn’t be surprised if he breaks up with Molly in 3 months and goes crawling back to Deanna. Not cool. Not cool at all…

Until later, I will be on team Melissa until they announce her as the next Bachelorette after Jillian’s season.

Team Melissa

Team Melissa


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Why this blog subject?

I am a loud and proud Jewish girl. And anyone who meets me knows just that. I love the culture of this religion, the closeness of the Jewish community, the pride of our people and of course the food.I have my Jew Crew that is now spread out all across the country and even some overseas, and it is ever expanding. I have my pseudo Jew friends – the ones who aren’t members of the tribe but pretty much should be, and I have a stereotypical Jewish mother that I love and talk to, of course, every day.

For those of you who do know me might know that one of my favorite pastimes is setting up my friends. Whether I get a call from a friend telling me that she just moved to Philadelphia and does not know anyone there but her sister and is in need of some girl friends or a friend who is sick of JDating and wants to know if I “have a single friend for them”, I love ‘hooking people up’. I am also that friend you call when you have just experienced the most horrific JDate known to man so you can share your story and finally laugh about it with someone else. I don’t know why people seem to come to me with these things, but I certainly enjoy it.  And while it’s fun to share these things with my friends one-on-one, I figured that it would be even better to share them with the world.

As someone who is in a committed relationship with a nice Jewish boy, I am also the friend to come to for dating advice. I believe this is because I am VERY honest and will give my opinion on things whether you are ready to hear it or not. I’m the friend you take shopping because I will tell you when something just doesn’t look good. So don’t expect any sugarcoating in this blog!

I also love talking with my friends’ parents, family friends, my own mother and grandmother and any other Jewish adult about dating, the pressure they put on their children to marry a nice Jewish boy/girl and how things have changed or remained the same since they were out on the market. I think it is insightful as we all know that every Jewish girl becomes her mother and every Jewish boy is in search of someone just like their mother (and if not like them, then someone who their mother approves of).

Therefore, because I am tired of hearing “you should write a book” and doing nothing about it, I am taking action with this blog. So feel free to reach out to me directly with your questions on advice, horror and even successful JDate or just Jewish dating stories and anything else that you would like me to write about. I am open to just about anything. I also enjoy discussing dating outside the religion and the obstacles you will need to overcome to make it work.

Side note: I promise that all of the identities of the JDating stories being shared will remain anonymous unless the source gives me permission to use their true first name. So feel free to shoot me an email at Ilene.Silverberg@gmail.com and share your stories with me. It’s a good way to get it out and just laugh about the memories and also read about other people’s stories so you are reassured that you are not alone in these wacky adventures in Jewish dating.

images3 Oh the “symbol” of jewish dating…how could I not insert you.

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Hello world!

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