My Mom: The Typical Jewish Mother

After work today, my mom called me, as she always does on her drive home. We proceeded with our normal conversation – “How was work? How’s Ryan (my boyfriend)? Are you getting married yet?” However, today my mother proceeded to talk about my blog. She asked me why I decided to start a blog and how was she a ‘typical Jewish mother?’ I replied to her second question with, “I think I will write a blog entry to answer your second question.” So here I am. Mom, this one is for you!

While there are no textbook qualities of a typical Jewish mother, I believe that if there were, my mom would definitely be on par.

Reason #1: There’s always enough, if not too much food at all gatherings. Every year my mom and dad host Thanksgiving at their house, and every year they end up eating leftovers through March. Also, if we go to someone else’s house and they do not have enough food for an army, my mom makes a comment along the line of, “well I guess next time we go to Jane Doe’s house, we will have to make sure we just eat something beforehand.”

Reason #2: My mom cannot go more than 24 hours without talking to me. This is definitely something that I love, but if I don’t answer my phone or call her back within a certain time frame, she gets worried that something bad has happened to me. Now what that something may be, who knows? But she never seems to think that maybe I am just in a movie or somewhere that is too loud to hear my phone ring. I have recently learned to quickly text her back after I see her missed call to let her know that I can’t talk at the moment so she isn’t worried.

Reason #3: I am 25 and still cannot go out of town without calling her. This involves me calling her when I leave for and when I arrive at my destination. Keep in mind that there are at least 5 calls while I am traveling by car. If I am flying somewhere, FORGET IT! I get at least 3 calls throughout the day asking me when I am leaving to go to MARTA (that’s the subway system in Atlanta for those who do not know) and if my plane is on time. Then she will call me a minimum of 4 times while I am in the airport, all before I have even gone through security. I then have to call her to tell her that my plane is on time and I am sitting at the gate and again once I have boarded the plane. As soon as I touch down, she must be the first person I call as well. Now mom, I love you for this but it definitely makes my travels a whole lot more stressful than they should be.

Reason #4: My mom knows everyone! I cannot go anywhere without my mom running into at least one person she knows. And when she runs into someone that she thinks I know, she will call me and say, “Do you know whom I ran into today?” I usually proceed with, “Mom, I have no idea who that is.” And she will actually reply with, “Yes you do! ‘So and so’ was your 5th grade teacher’s daughter’s old boyfriend. He came into your classroom that one time back in the 90’s to help me with my Class Mom duties.” Or something obscure like that. I usually change the subject.

Reason #5: My mom knows everything that is going on in everyone’s life. While I have to admit that I adapted this trait early on from her, she is WAY better at it than I am. My mom usually is the first to know which one of my friends from grade school is pregnant, getting married, getting divorced or got a boob job well before most people know, including me. I actually get a thrill when I call my mom to tell her news of something big, like a friend getting married, and she doesn’t already know about it. It’s such a sweet victory to me!

I could go on and on about this subject, but I won’t. I absolutely love my mom and her Jewish ways. I know that I will be just like her when I have kids and I will probably look back at this blog entry and laugh.

My mom and dad at my mom's 50th birthday dinner.

My mom and dad at my mom's 50th birthday dinner.


March 3, 2009. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Sara Beth B replied:

    Your mom is a wonderful woman, and everything you’ve written is totally true.

    I appreciate that your mom knows everything, because then she tells you, and you tell me.


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