Is the economy affecting how we date?

With the economy down right now, I started to wonder how this is affecting the dating world. I know that my boyfriend and I have tried to cook more often and go out to dinner less.  We’ve also stopped seeing movies in the theater for $10 a pop unless it is something we absolutely can’t wait 6 months to watch on video.

So I am reaching out to my serial daters and asking what you are doing to save some cash but still enjoy your time out on dates.

Here are my recommendations for some economical date ideas:

  • Cook a romantic meal and rent a movie or check out the free ones On Demand (for those who have Comcast)
  • Go to a park, take a walk and just talk
  • Go to a park and have a picnic
  • Find a weekend event around town and go together (i.e. a festival)

Just because the economy sucks doesn’t mean your love life has to.


March 3, 2009. Uncategorized.

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  1. Jake Silverberg replied:


    It’s Jake. Nice blog. Check out my blog @ wordpress that I put up in July.

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